Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exciting NEWS!!!

I have been keeping this Hush Hush for almost a year now, but it is FINALLY TIME TO REVEAL!!! I have my own website for Leksi Designs! I have been working and working at this design for a very long time and I am darn proud of it! Right now, the online store portion is just linked to my Etsy store, but soon there will be an even bigger suprise in that section!!! Add this new site to your favorites bar because you will not want to miss what I am announcing very soon!!!

CHECK IT OUT NOW! The graphics alone are worth seeing!


Made.By.Jess said...

I love everything about this blog and your personality. Maybe we're blogger twins? WHo knows?
You ♥ the same music as me. The design is awesome and I would love to see you join Flip-off friday.
Maybe you wouldn't BLOW it completely up. (maybe)..
but I am proud of you for your hard work and I am off to look at your new website. Congrads..
Its always cool when hard work pays off. =)

Margeaux said...

Your site looks great! I like the flying bird in the title at the top :)

Sarah said...

Hey Brooke! I was looking at your esty sight b/c you know, I might need to add another tag to my necklace. *wink, wink.*

Anyhow, found your blog from it and good grief girl! You are so talented and I love your website. Congrats. I know you've put a lot of work into all this. Looks like it's paying off. So proud of you, Brooke. For many reasons.:)

Anonymous said...

Your new site looks fabulous! Love the music choices kind of sound. Great job! :)

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