Monday, May 31, 2010

And the Winner is...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since this blog is new, I will start!

Leksi Designs is the May Featured Seller!

The winner will recieve my free handstamped small tag necklace!Here it is:
I will be on the lookout for my June featured seller and will announce the winner of this one on June 1 as well!

First Ever Blog Giveaway!

Well, this is me starting this blog off right! I am out to feature Etsy sellers of all types! I will do a monthly giveaway and interview of my favorite etsy seller! In order to enter, you must follow these simple rules.


1. Follow this blog.
2. Enter the Featured Etsy Sellers Store
3. Choose your top three items
4. Comment on those items here
5. Make sure your email is in the comment so we can contact you should you win!

I will throw all names in a hat on the last day of the month and draw!

It is that simple!!

Random Thought

Let me just say that I am not one to share my feelings...PERIOD...let alone share them on the web for all to see. Every once in a great while I get a notion to share. Today I had one of those notions.

I firmly believe that God puts many angels on earth for us. They are there to keep us safe, to guide us in the right direction, to watch over us. However, I also believe that satan puts his own little helpers on earth. These people are filled with evil spirit and can suck the life right out of you. They can enter into the life of a good solid christian home and wreck havoc. They can take a good heart and turn it sour. Their minds are blurred with evil thoughts and hurtful feelings. I am not one to judge. These people know who they are and have an opportunity to change. The question they? There is no one person that is perfect. We all make mistakes. But, I hope that when I get to the heavenly gate there is no doubt in my mind that every wrong thing I did I tried to correct or ask forgiveness for.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unique Find!

I am attending a wedding soon and had a hard time finding a gift for them. They have already have EVERYTHING! I wanted to post about the absolutely wonderful pictures by "Memories in the Sand". I recieved these in only a few days! Take them to any photo center, buy a frame, and there you have it! A nice unique wedding gift! I loved it so much, I bought one for myself!



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