PR Friendly!

Product Reviews / Giveaways

Leksi Designs loves to feature crafters, artists, and any other product out there on the market. If you are interested in doing a review article and giveaway event, please contact me at!

  • Product Reveiws and Giveaways are FREE of charge!

  • You must provide me a full size product or item that you are wanting to have reviewed.

  • You will get to read my review prior to it being posted live.

  • The review/giveaway will be advertised by me on facebook, twitter,, and this blog.

Giveaway Only

Leksi Designs will be pleased to do a standard Giveaway only listing. I usually run them for 3-4 weeks. During that time you will be advertised by me on facebook, twitter, , and this blog.
I unfortunately have gotten big enough that I am needed to screen what items I give away. I do have a wait list, so to increase your chances and to speed up the process you might want to do the Review/Giveaway Route. Please feel free to ask for more information! Email me at!

Ad Space

My Ad Space is on the top of my front page! They are large ads!

194x200 in size

If you need help creating your ad, I will be happy to do one for you for a small fee of $15.00. You will have rights to this ad and be able to utilize it in other places as well.
I rent my spaces out monthly (30 days from date of purchase) for a fee of $10.00 a month.

Payment is accepted in the form of Paypal only. It must be sent to

Please let me know if there are any further questions or concerns!


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