Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogmania $450.00 GIVEAWAY GOLD Sponsor! EARLY ENTRY!

Gold Sponsor 

I am pleased to announce Maggie from Boutique Graphics:
"My name is Maggie and I'm a WAHM to three awesome kids. Ian is 9, Sophie is 5, and Emalie is 5 months, and they are the joys of my life!
I started doing graphic and web design in 1999 and I absolutely love it... I can be creative while helping other small businesses.

I take my job as a web designer, graphic designer and product photographer very seriously. Therefore, I maintain memberships with several professional organizations, support movements and causes related to my field, and continually broaden my knowledge base with seminars and new courses.

As a professional, I feel it is important to be a part of the community relating to my industry, and to support causes that make a difference to that community."

Here are a few of the service Boutique Graphics offers:

Boutique Website Design

Blog Design

Product Photography

Twitter Page and Graphics Design

Flash Website Design

Custom Logo Design

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Print Marketing Design

Home Page Collage Design

Web Banner Portfolio


Here are just a few samples of my favorite things that she has done!

Boutique Graphics Sponsored Item!

Custom Boutique Logo Design!!!

Here are a couple of past logos that Maggie has created:

Early Entries!!! I am opening this early entry feature for my gold sponsor: Boutique Graphics!
 Win a $450.00 completely custom and personalized Boutique Logo Design!


MANDATORY: Follow my blog and complete #1!!

1. Visit Boutique Graphics...take some time and have a look around! Comment here on the favorite thing you noticed from her website.

3. Blog about this giveaway! (1 entry, 1 comment...leave me the link)

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6. Buy something from Boutique Graphics (10 extra entires, 10 comments)


This early entry is good until 9/14! Get entered now!


Tree said...

Great giveaway! I'm following you via GFC, and I love Maggie's Blog Designs and Custom Slideshows!
Mother of Pearl It Is

Swa-Rai said...

I'm following and I love the Maggie's Blog Designs

Graphic Design by Tara said...

I just wanted to say from one designer to another your work is GORGEOUS!!!


Notorious Spinks said...

I love Ritzy Baby twitter design

PoppyLand said...

I love this giveaway!! and I follow your blog.

PoppyLand said...

I love all her Custom Etsy Banners & Avatars- beautiful work!

Momma Teri said...

My favorite would be the Custom Blog Design for Blogger/Blogspot!!! I so need a make over

Daph said...
I hope she can do a good one for my doll website

AmbreRose said...

I love the paisley bleu design, that is so pretty. I like how everything is organized on the site. I would love something for my etsy shop! ambrerose at aol dot com

AmbreRose said...

tweet, tweet!

Chani said...

Business Card Printable - Cafe Au Lait is such a sweet idea!

I follow your blog.

Business Card Printable - Cafe Au Lait

Stitch 'N Love said...

Oh I love her custom logos in her portfolio!!!

I follow your blog.

3 Giggly Monsters said...

Hello I am a new follower from WBH! I hope you will follow me back at

Victoria said...

I love the custom Etsy banner & logo service! I also like how the site is well laid out, and has clean lines.

Abby said...

Loving the Custom Blog Design for Blogger/Blogspot after seeing the samples. So professional! I'd love that for my own poor lil blog

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Abby said...


reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Ariel said...

I am a follower.

I love all the nature themes she seems to make! I like the flowers and the birds in her logos.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Great giveaway! I follow your blog!

Marvelan said...

Great services providing.
Basically Web development is process of designing a website for World Wide Web using various programming and designing technology.

babycakesnbeyond said...

I am following your blog I am 'april dulac'

I love the custom logos she does!

babycakesnbeyond said...

I have blogged this giveaway and here is the link

babycakesnbeyond said...

I have tweeted the giveaway and my twitter name is babycakes4baby

babycakesnbeyond said...

facebooked the giveaway!/AprilDulac

Survey Junkie said...

I am interested in the custom blogger/blogspot design package
soleskiewicz at yahoo dot com

Michelle said...

I am a follower of your blog!

Michelle said...

I visited Boutique Graphics and love her product photography! That service would be perfect for me!

Michelle said...

I tweeted the giveaway & will tweet again! My twitter is Cafeboulet_Etsy

Michelle said...

I posted the giveaway to my FB wall!

Michelle said...

OOps! My facebook is


seeMOMMYrun said...

Love the "maternal lens" blog design in their portfolio. My blog needs a major overhaul!! Help!!!!!

Oliviakelly said...

I am happy that I found your post while searching for informative posts. It is really informative and quality of the content is extraordinary. I ill prefer this to my friends.
Web Designing and Web Development Company

Vonic said...

Yup... Its Pretty Designs all, I feel fresh after looking your post. I love your blog. Thank you.

ags auxano said...
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