Monday, September 20, 2010

Gym Funnies!

As you all may already know, I am a gym fanatic. Working out is something I truly enjoy and it is a great stress reliever. My workout location has changed a bit and visiting a larger gym sometimes makes me realize the funny things people do...especially newcomers. So...if you are a gym newbie, are planning to be soon, or just don't pay attention to proper gym etiquette pay attention to this list of DON'T's.
1. DON'T bring your McDonalds, pizza hut, or any other food into the gym! I have actually witnessed this on several occasions. There I am running my rear off(hopefully literally) and here comes a car full of large women toting in the big mac meals. I for one LOVE a good Big Mac, but not while I am working out!!! That is the last thing I need for motivation unless you have it tied to a string and make me chase it around the gym.
2. DON'T wear your spandex pants and underwear. Most women don't realize this, but if you look in the seat area of proper gym clothing there is built in underwear. This is for a reason. The "no panty line" rule goes for the gym as well!
3. DON'T utilize a machine if you are not working out on it. Again, see this all the time. Someone sitting on a machine reading a book or chatting on their cell phone. This is fine if you are utilizing your 60 seconds between sets, but not for a half hour. Ug....drives me nuts!
4. DON'T talk to anyone while in the middle of their set. Imagine this....big bodybuilder man has 400 pounds on his shoulder, red faced, and making huge grunting noises. Don't walk up to him and ask anything during this time. Common sense should tell you to walk in the opposite direction. I know I am not a bodybuilder by any means, but here I am in the middle of my crunches and someone walks up to me and asks me how to workout their core. Huh?
5. DON'T wear your snow boots, slippers, cowboy boots, hunting boots, or flip flops on the machines. Yep, I have seen this one too. Someone walks in with their boots on, packed with mud and steps on the treadmill. Nice!
6. DON'T stand behind me and stare at my backside while I am working out. I am flattered and all, but it seriously ruins my mojo when you are gawking. Take a pic with your cell phone and move on!
7. DON'T wear spandex if you can't get away with it. I am going to touch a little more on #2. I see women come in all the time with their little gym top and spandex shorts/pants. It is VERY rare a person looks good in spandex. VERY RARE! Unless you are one of the trainers...don't do it! I don't want to know exactly what you look like naked, and especially while you are flopping your stuff around on the treadmill.
8. DON'T stink up the place! A gym naturally smells enough as it is. Wear deodorant, wash your gym clothes, and please control your flatulence problem.
9. DON'T take a smoke break. There is just something that doesn't quite sit well with me when you are pausing your workout to go smoke a cig. Huh? Gym and cigs don't really go together and you stink up the place when you come back in.
10. DON'T use the gym as a social gathering place. I see people come in there that have been there ALL day and they aren't working out at all. They chit chat, shower, shave, chit chat some more, then maybe do a few sets, then have to shower again. GO HOME! I don't go to the gym to socialize. I will say "hello". That's fine, but once I plug my ipod earphone into my ears. They stay there unless you are on fire and screaming at me to help.
Well, that's all for now. Oh....I have a ton more...believe me! I didn't even touch on the track!
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