Monday, June 7, 2010

Unique Find...Autumn Rain Creations

Each month I will be doing a couple of random unique finds. I find these wonderful sellers while browsing through shops and visiting other blogs. Simply put, their products must move me in some way in order for me to feature them. This weekend I came across Autumn Rain Creations. I have a deep interest in photography. I don't necessarily like to take the pictures myself, but LOVE to look at unique photos. You will be seeing a lot more of this interest of mine in my slideshows. is Autumn Rain Creations' interview...enjoy!

My name is April. I live, love, and create in the Pacific Northwest. I am wife to 1 and mama to 7, my most busy wonderful large family. I started Autumn Rain Creations a few years ago but have really come into it this year. I always have to be making something whether it's jewelry or taking that one photo shot.

My favorite time of year is Autumn and having my family naturally opened my eyes to the beauty around me and in nature. If I had to pick a favorite item in my shop it would be my "Family Is Love" Sand photo. Kind of a snap shot of the most important thing in my life.

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La Alicia said...

love that family shot!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic feature! I love Autumn Rain Designs as well - I think she just won my letterpress giveaway!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Passing on a blog award to you!

Krissy said...

Following from Follow Me Friday! I hope you have the time to stop by my blog and do the same. Have a great weekend!!

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