Monday, June 14, 2010


My next unique find is an AWESOME Clothing designer. I LOVE her bikinis. I personally think that if we have to work our rears off (literally) at the gym every day and watch what we eat, why not go out in your bikinis and be proud. Something about me....I have to be different. I will not buy something everyone has and I will not make something everyone makes. I am always on the lookout for the newest thing and the most unique thing. I was browsing through Etsy the other day looking for a new bikini and I found My Sugar Doll. Shay is an awesome designer. I got in touch with her and did an interview. Check out her shop!

My name is Shay I'm 28 years old, happly married expecting my first baby and have two puppy dogs that I adore. I started sewing when I was a senior in highschool and got hooked! I went to school for fashion design and fell in love working with knits. In 2002 I started selling my designs (much skimpier back then!) to stripclubs in So.Cal and Las Vegas. Besides fashion design I enjoy spending time with family, music, riding roller coasters, thrifting, going to the beach, and currently decorating my house to look fabulous high end on a shoe string budget!

I got started on Etsy after all the years I sold at clubs and had so many customers telling me I should sell online. For a short time I sold on my myspace blog then a gal I knew told me about Etsy. I thought it was great because it was like having your own website without all the fuss.

It's so hard to decide what my favorite piece is because it changes all the time! I would say it's the Cat's Meow Bikini (currently sold out but will be back in stock soon!) I love that bikini because it really reprsents who I am as a designer. It's a mix-up-mash of pin-up punk and girly lolita. I love the fabric print and the bow belt!!

What is SugarDoll's Design Philosophy?

SugarDoll is the all compassing persona of Shay...yes that's my name hey!! It's all the things conservative parents warn you about. Girls who like piercings, tattoos and manic panic colored hues. A girly girl who grew up wearing frilly frocks complete with clear lipgloss and a tomboy who loves extreme sports, baggy pants and metal rock. A love for mixing bold colors and prints, mixed in with alittle glam and glitz. A mix up mash of pin-up, harajuku, lolita and punk. The fashionably loud and pround, stands out in a crowd and yet I know not everyone gets it. I listen to music waves as I work, this is wear I get most of my quirk. Inspirations include: Marilyn Monroe always my muse, Bettie Page she's all the rage and all the starlets of the 1940's and 50's age. I basically sum it up as "Sweet and Alittle Punky" but all in all I'd say my design philosophy is very spunky.

So come check out all the goodies! XO

Visit My Sugar Doll at:



claychic said...

Love those bikinis!!

MaryKatherine said...

Wish I had a body & age for these cool bikinis!

Devon (NaviWing) said...

Yup, this makes me want a new bikini and reminds me of how I need to tone up.

theMayflower said...

very pretty! it's a shame i don't have money to buy one!

Blogger said...

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