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Visit her Etsy store at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Snowdon


Cotton Lotus Yoga Bag


In order to enter, you must follow these simple rules.
1. Follow this blog.

2. Enter the Featured Etsy Sellers Store

3. Choose your top three items

4. Comment on those items HERE!
5. Make sure your email is in the comment so we can contact you should you win!

I will throw all names in a hat on the last day of the month and draw!

It is that simple!!


Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I live in leafy Cheshire in the North West of England, in a little stone cottage with my husband and our semi adopted cat! That is where all the crafting happens. Our kitchen is regularly used as a screenprinting workshop on the weekends. During the day I'm a graphic designer for a University in nearby Manchester, but my heart lies in crafting, I'm working towards doing that full time eventually.

Why did you start making handmade items?

I've been a graphic designer for more years than I dare to count, and it's become a very computer oriented industry. That's fine for commercial jobs that need to be turned around quickly but a few years ago I began to feel frustrated that I just wasn't using my hands any more. I used to love illustration and hand lettering, but colleagues and clients often want the quickest solution which usually involves using clip art illustrations and stock photography.

So after taking some time out to travel, and feeling at a bit of a crossroads, I decided to go back to school part time. Over the space of 3 years I squeezed in a Bachelor of Arts design and illustration course around my full time job and happily graduated with a first class degree. Those 3 years really reconnected me with my love of illustration and printmaking and the pure joy of creating something with my own hands.

Last Christmas I was offered a stall at a craft fair, it was all a bit last minute but I managed to frantically print up and get together a small selection of my bags, tee shirts and cards. The day went really well, and I was so happy that people loved my products enough to spend their hard earned money on them, so the very next morning I opened my Etsy shop, and the rest, as they say is history!

So although I'm still working as a graphic designer for the moment, I use most of my spare time designing and making things for my ever growing range of products, and working towards the day when I'm able to give up the day job and live the full time crafting dream!

What is your favorite item to make and why?

Well, I must admit I'm a bit of a crafting butterfly! My favorite item to make is always the latest thing that I've discovered I can do! For instance, my mum recently gave me her old sewing machine, and once I got the hang of it I was amazed to realise I could make my own cushion covers and print onto them with my own designs, so at the minute it's sewing and printing. However I've just got a new badge and fridge magnet maker so I've a feeling that could be the next big favorite!



Katie said...

i follow under kshuttle :)
my 3 favourite items from her shops include:
1. Elephant Notebook - Don't Forget...i love notebooks and this one is ADORABLE
2. Hand Printed Yoga Lotus Flower Bag
3. Cup cake Fridge Magnets: those would be so cute on the fridge!


Samy said...

I follow :)

I love the "Love Pillow/Cushion", "Cupcake Fridge Magnets", and the "Big Ideas Notebook"! Such a lovely shop.

samyrocks92 at msn dot com

reneek said...

I am following,

I like these.......Birdy Card, Cupcake Fridge Magnets, Tiger t-shirt.


Spaz said...

I follow you with google friend connect - do you have the option to be an email subscriber?

Thanks! stasew at hotmail dot com

Spaz said...

My favorite three items from Snowdon (in no particular order) are: Brown Owl Bag, Cotton Lotus Yoga Bag, and Choose Any 4 Cards for the Price of 3.

Thanks! stasew at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower.

My top three items are...

the jute owl bag, because I love owls and I love the way the wing looks like a heart - cute touch!

the cupcake magnets - who doesn't love cupcakes?!

the love cushion because it's pretty but simple and clean.

helen at tjw-uk dot com

thaeter7 said...

I liked the cupcake fridge magnets
The hellraiser onsie
Kitty t shirt
I follow

Jasmine1485 said...

1. Cup cake Fridge Magnets
2. Love Pillow / Cushion
3. Hand Printed Cotton Owl Bag

Kate1485 at hotmail.com

teener1416 said...

i love the love pillow, the NUTTER shirt, and the bird card!!!!


blackcrowsoaps said...

Just found this blog and I am now a follower and love everything!! My top faves are:

1.Cup cake Fridge Magnets - Cupcakes are my guilty pleasure ;P

2. Big Ideas Notebook - I have so many spirals of notebooks strung throughout my house with many "Big Ideas" written in them. (This is fantastico!!)

3.Squirrel Nutter Bag - This is too cute!! I love it b/c we have a couple of squirrels in our back yard who love to come to the window to terrorize our cat and dogs!!


The Wingless Bird said...

What a lovely giveaway!

I WANT that 'love' pillow & the matching bag - I really like this design. birdy card!


Cannaria said...

I love this Love Pillow/Cushion, Big Ideas Notebook, and Hand Printed Mens Nutter Tee Shirt.


Autumn Rain Creations said...

My favorites hands down are the "Love" Pillow, "Love" Card and "Love" Wedding Bag!


Kady L. said...

I am a new blog follower!
I checked out her shop and love... 1)The Cute Red Bird Bag 2)The Love Pillow 3) The Love Wedding Gift Bag!

Rachael Boer said...

I like the cupcake magnets, the big ideas notebook, and the squirrel nutter bag.
raeviola at hotmail dot com

The Prickly Pinecone said...

I am a follower.
I love the cupcake magnets (also the cards but the magnets have the cupcakes all together!), squirrel nutter bag and the brown owl bag. Loving all the designs!


Vintage Shouting said...

I love your blog.. I'm officially your newest follower!

My favorite items in Snowdon's shop, other than the Cotton Lotus Bag, would have to be the Big Ideas Notebook (too perfect!), the Red Bird Bag, and the Hellraiser Onesie.

My email is VintageShouting@gmail.com.

Stunning said...

Such a great tote!

Following you!

Take a moment to enter and win some free soap:

Heather! said...


I LOVE Snowdon...what a great shop! My three favorite items are:
1. The Big Ideas Notebook--Love this! I actually have always kept 'ideas' notebooks dedicated to ideas for whatever projects most interested me at the time (school papers, writing, life missions, photography, etc.).
2. The Wedding Gift Bag--I just like it. It says 'Love' so it really would be perfect to use for a wedding or anniversary gift...or just a gift to somebody you love!
3. The Elephant Notebook--My favorite! I love elephants to begin with, but having a notebook dedicated to all those 'don't forgets' would be great! That is, if I can remember where I left it. :D

Oh, I'm following this blog!
h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Jenny said...

I follow as Jenny. My favorite 3 items are:

1- Vintage handbag card collection
2- Brown owl bag
3- Cat T-shirt - easy tiger

Everything is so cute!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Kelli Lee said...

My favorite three items are the Love Pillow, the cupcake cards, and the Yoga fridge magnets. Thanks for the chance to win!


Free Baby Stuff said...

Hi there! I'm a follower just stopping by your little corner of the world to say Hello on Blog Hop Friday (even though it is now Sunday) and am tickled pink to enter your giveaway!

I went to the Etsy store and I love bags so all THREE OF MY ITEMS are FABRIC BAGS!

1. I love the tree hugger bag
2. The owl bag
3. The love bag

My email is babyu at bellsouth.net

Thanks for the lovely giveaway and I hope that when you take a break that you will PLEASE enter my very first contest the VERA BRADLEY GIVEAWAY that I have going on right now!

Please drop by my blogs follow me back?




J. Claire

theMayflower said...

following as may!

here are my three fav. items:
1. love pillow
2. cupcake magnets
3. elephant notebook


kyliept said...

I'm a follower!

My favorite 3 items are:

Love pillow
Big ideas notebook
And the lotus yoga bag!


TiffsPixieDust said...

I'm a follower.
I like these...

1.Large Hessian Lotus Bag
2.Wedding Gift Bag
3.Love Pillow / Cushion


gabriella said...

I followed under corrado.g!

My favorites are... (in no order)
1.Brown owl bag
2.cute red bird bag
3. Cotton lotus yoga bag

as you can see, i REALLY love your bags. They all have such cute designs!

Claire said...

I'm a follower :)

I love the Jute and the Cotton Owl bags, and the Lotus Flower Cushion would sit perfectly on my chair on the balcony

Atoxim at gmail dot com

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